Update: 2 weeks left to back QuizWitz!

Category: QuizWitz - Posted on 24 Oct 2015 by Ken

We had a blast! Last Tuesday, we organized our first QuizWitz @ Backstay event. We had a full house and everyone enjoyed themselves a lot! It's a live quiz event for which we adapted our QuizWitz technology so it can be played in teams of 4 players. Each team plays with 1 device as their controller. After the host reads out the long question out loud, the short version is shown on a main screen and the timer starts running. Good luck!

You can find the photos on our Facebook page!

We received great feedback and have already announced our next events. They will be held in Ghent: QuizWitz @ Backstay and in Antwerp: QuizWitz @ Via Via Reiscafé!

You'll have to register your team upfront and bring at least one device. Time to start training your brain beforehand on QuizWitz.com! Don't forget about our crowdfunding campaign if you wish to help the QuizWitz developers out at QuizWitz.com/ambassador!

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