QuizWitz Dev: The platform emerges

Have you ever played a quiz game and your opponent kept remembering the questions from the party last week? Well, as you know, with our social platform, you will be able to create and collect all the questions you like. And we’ve been working hard this first month of 2015!

The birth of the Platform

To start playing your own quizzes, you’ll get to create an account and your personal profile. The Library is the place to be to find Rounds, which contain questions about a specific category and topic. They can then be played in the party game at any time, apart or together. You’ll also be able to connect with other quiz enthusiast to chatter about stuff and cats!

The Struggle of Categories

What category does this Round fit into? Geography? History? Maybe something entirely different? We did our best to make up categories that will satisfy your needs, but we need your help deciding if these will do!

So don’t hesitate to present your own category ideas in our proposal form!

Review our categories!


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