QuizWitz Release v1.1.0

Version 1.0 was getting a bit huge, so we’ve pushed the ‘minor release’ number up one.

QuizWitz Editor v1.1.193

  • Knowledge graph works again! Linking answers to wikidata’s graph, we have better insight of the genre of each question
  • Forum software has been upgraded to Vanilla v3, not that anyone is using it though. But we need to store our knowledge somewhere.
  • There is a new (experimental) field where you can specify question-specific views for each question. These views will then be loaded from the theme. If the question-specific view does not exist in the theme, it will fallback to the default view.
  • The ‘random quizzes’ that are loaded when clicking the ‘quick play’ button, or when playing through airconsole etc, are now supposed to be of higher quality. Highly rated rounds will be offered first, moving down in rating after multiple games. New rounds, that have not been rated yet, will be included in random intervals.
  • Two new round types, more about that in the client update.

QuizWitz Client v1.1.0

  • New round type! In ‘Strike rounds’ players get extra points for each previous question they have answered correctly. Reach the highest level to earn maximum points, but be careful, since one wrong answer throws you back to level 1.
  • New round type! Alphabet round. Much like traditional rounds, this round allows players to change their answer until the end of the round. Unlike the traditional round, the answers on your device are in a different order than the questions on the screen, so you need to match each answer to the correct question. This is useful for ‘alphabet rounds’ where you provide the first letter of the answer, but not the position of the question in the answer sheet.
  • New question type! List questions, where players must provide two or more answers to get a single question correctly. For example: List two species of cats.
  • Authentication of external devices should now work more reliable.
  • In ‘live’ modes, we are experimenting with giving the presenter more insight in how the players are doing. After each round, some ‘facts’ are displayed (players who have answered all questions correctly, etc)
  • Video attachments without an audio track will now play the default quizwitz countdown theme, instead of deafening silence.
  • There was an issue on how hit detection was working for image map questions, resulting in points loss in some cases. This is fixed now.
  • Ted is now slightly more annoying.

So that’s it, for now… Tune if later for more updates.

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