QuizWitz feedback by Atsusacon visitors

Last week we had a booth at Atsusacon, a Belgian convention about Japan and its culture, organized for the first time on our home turf, Ghent! We had a cozy experience with people staying to play quizzes about flags and even chocolate.

We installed some poufs for players to relax while they played, and they seemed to appreciate it. People played exactly 100 quizzes about Japan.

Our poll

We came prepared! As people finished playing, we would kindly ask if they wanted to fill out our feedback form. We created an infograph with those results. As you can see, everyone would recommend QuizWitz to their friends, and no one would never play! We think that’s a great result.

Although we were most afraid people would not understand how to set up a game, everyone seemed to be able to join a game with ease. Based on these results our players were between 18 and 25 years old and nearly half of them were students.

Next time, we will edit some of the questions to get more in depth information, and starting today, our poll is also online: ctlb.eu/qwfeedback​

Thanks again and thanks in advance!

Don’t forget to keep the cat inside during a storm.

QuizWitz will be at Atsusacon!

Dear lab cats

We have a short news update for next week! We’ll be present at Atsusacon, so come drop by and play QuizWitz. We’ll bring questions about Asia and its culture.

It’s been a while since Made In Asia kept our organizational skills at maximum level. Next week, we’ll be at Atsusacon in ICC Ghent on 18 and 19 July. We’ll bring questions about everything Asia-lovers hold dear, like the origin of bubble tea, the first manga and much more!

We’re curious about your preference. Would you rather play a quiz round with a theme of your choosing? Or with lots of different questions popping up at random?

Next to that, we’ll bring our buttons again!

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And if you create a quiz round on our platform about Asia, we might just use it at Atsusacon! We hope to meet you there


3 tools to flesh out your indie game business

Dear lab cats, dear developer friends

You’re feeling ambitious. Your game is nearly finished and you want to reach out to people with all the enthusiasm in the world! Then comes the dreaded question: are you sure you’re ready?

Building a healthy business is a big challenge. We creative developers tend to work on our game and expect the business side to follow. Even the best game in the world can fail miserably 🙁

Thanks to StartIt, we have found a new view on how we handle the market and our models.

(You can also read this post on Gamasutra!)


Define your Business Model Canvas

We’ll start off with a basic one. Just one page with frames to fill out. Each of them highlights a different aspect of your business model. This helps you to (re)define your focus and strategy.

It helps you to develop an effective game in terms of marketing position. A smart project defines its goals, cost models and value proposition as soon as possible. To get an even better view on the value proposition you can also use the Value Proposition Canvas.

The business model canvas was invented by Alexander Osterwalder in 2008. He started his company Strategyzer thanks to the huge success of his helpful tool.


Assess your business plan with the Pimento Map

The second tool is an online questionnaire that requires a critical mind of one’s project. It then grades its success rate. This number helps guide you in the right direction.

The Pimento Map makes you reflect on the vital elements of your project’s business side. You’ll be able to look beyond your game and take into account the different aspects a projects needs to be successful. Keep in mind that you should fill out the steps anew for each project.

The tool was created by three co-founders who did research in thousands of different businesses to find out what makes them tick. Learn more at


Be smart with the Crowdfunding Canvas

This tool is actually a modified version of the business model canvas. Fill in the frames to help you set up your crowdfunding campaign. Keep in mind it’s only the beginning of your preparations!

Most of you will think about crowdfunding and associate it with a web of communication channels, rewards and loads of preparation. This tool helps you to get a clear view of the most important aspects of your campaign. Focus on the why of your project and have the rewards follow that phylosophy.

Just a short translation: Waarom = why, project, propositie = proposition, infrastructuur = infrastructure, promotie = promotion, community, kosten = costs, doelbedrag = target amount.

The Crowdfunding Canvas was created by Dutch consultancy company Douw&Koren. If you have any questions about crowdfunding, they’d be happy to help!



We see these tools for what they are; interesting tools. We won’t claim they guarantee success, but they can help you to see the bigger picture and find out what your focus is. You’re entering a competitive business after all. We hope these tools can help you to achieve everything you planned out!

QuizWitz: The Leap Forward?


Why? Well, we made it into the StartIt@KBC community! And that is a big deal indeed. The organization is backed by some big companies, and that means big opportunities.

The StartIt@KBC community

What is it exactly, you ask? It’s a community of Belgian startups that want to change the world. Cronos, KBC and Mobile Vikings and other big boys aim to support adventurous people like us. We sent in our project Quizwitz last minute to win a chance to pitch for a jury of professionals. Needless to say it went smoothly.

What do we get?

That’s easy. We get an office space for 12 months where we’ll be around other startups,  all working on our dreams. Next to that there will be fascinating events where we can learn a lot and mentor will follow up our project, providing help where needed. Thanks to the vibrant community, we might get to work together with some intriguing people, who knows!

We’re planning a lot!

So what do we plan to do with all this victory? Another easy one! We want to be inspired and reach further. We will learn as much as we can from the people and the events. That way, we can keep doing what we love: create fun games!

One of the things we finished past weekend is the image tool for questions thanks to some feedback from a user! If you want to test QuizWitz, and help us with your feedback too, try it all on QuizWitz.com.

Thanks a million for your support, and don’t forget to hug the cat!

QuizWitz Update: User Experience

Dear lab cats

It’s the end of the month, and we hope you had a blast! Just like we had at the studio. We worked our bright and furry socks off and we’re ready to give you a thorough update.

User Experience

First of all, we worked on your experience with the game. We felt we provided little guidance to help you find your way. That’s why new users will now receive a confirmation email. Of course every account upgrade will receive a nice thank you note too. Next, we added tooltips to our buttons to help guide you on the platform. Whenever you can’t remember what a certain button does, simply hover over it for a second or two and a little explanation will pop up. Lastly, we started working on a tutorial, for which we present an early preview here!


Languages can be a boundary, but not for us! We created a simple localization tool and started translating the platform in Dutch. So from now on you can choose between two languages already. In due time, you will also be able to filter on language in the search menu, but for now, the collectibles are shown in the language the user selects for the platform. We are looking to add more languages in the future.

The future holds the tutorial and a FAQ, plus a translation for and improvements to the party game. So, what do you think about our new confirmation email, tooltips and Dutch translations? We’d be very happy to hear your thoughts and comments! Just drop them in the whiskers box below!


Don’t forget it’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for the Weekly news quiz! Have you been paying attention to the news lately?