Successful Crowdfunding and QuizWitz Live

Dear Lab cats

Good news! Our crowdfunding campaign ended successfully! So we’d like to send out a big thank you to our ambassadors any place we can. It was a tough ride, but thanks to our contributors, we were victorious in the end!

You can still visit our campaign to see what happened!

QuizWitz Live

During our campaign, we learned a lot. From how to plan and set up a crowdfunding campaign to how we can be creative with our projects. On this last note, we started working on an additional version of QuizWitz. One that we feel can speed up the quizzing revolution too!

QuizWitz Live allows people to create quizzes for their organizations! How does it work? Well, you create a quiz with long questions to read out loud, and short ones to show on the big screen. You then announce the quiz and allow people to play in teams. Each team needs a smartphone or tablet to answer questions.

What makes it so much fun? We tested it, and received great feedback! People loved how they received feedback about the answers and their added points immediately. They had to wait for no one to count points.

We are organizing our own events, and will allow Pro users to use it in the future as well! More news will follow.

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Update: A Detailed Budget Overview

Dear Lab cats!

As you’re all well aware, our crowdfunding campaign is well beyond its midpoint and we’re going strong! We’ve reached 73%! To explain why we really need the full 5K , we’ll look into our target budget in detail with you. > What could we do with your support?

You can find our campaign at for only 6 more days!

The crowdfunding costs – 25%

A crowdfunding campaign isn’t free of charge for a studio. Though most platforms, like the one we’re on, only require you to pay them if you reach your target budget. On Indiegogo on the other hand those costs would be charged if you decide to cash in the pledged amount. You can do this even if you don’t reach your target budget. For us, that’s 8% platform fee and about 17% taxes (depending on the reward you choose).

Physical rewards & QuizWitz Live – 20%

As you can see in our graph, we added a separate percentage for the physical rewards and for the QuizWitz Live event. That is because we actually have only one physical reward, which is our set of QuizWitz playing cards. The Live event then will require a fair budget for its own development and organization.

So what is QuizWitz Live? It’s a live event that takes the traditional quiz evening a step further. We want to bring our new technology and live quiz events together. Our aim is to make it feel like a television quiz experience as much as possible, with spotlights, a show host and prizes!

Development plans – 55%

QuizWitz is the game and project you’re supporting with this campaign. It goes without saying more than half of the budget we raise will go into its development. As our game is still in its beta phase, we really want it to grow and become a community in which every quizzer can find a place.

What does this mean? We will be developing a game client for Windows, Mac and Linux. The version for Steam already has a beta master and should be available in the next coming weeks.

“Additional game rounds and flow” then means we will improve the flow of the game. For example, the points allocation screen will be improved so that more than 12 players can play at the same time. We will also get rid of minor bugs and improve the loading speed of the entire game. Most of these issues come from feedback reports provided by our ambassadors already, which is a great thing!

In addition, new rounds will add refreshing styles of play. We’re thinking of developing a lightning round, where only the fastest player can answer the question, or a round in which players vote on each other’s imitation performances or drawing skills. Of course you will be able to create these types of rounds yourself.

Note: It may seem that we’re live on 2 crowdfunding platforms, but the fact is that our official one was still in development when we started our campaign. Hello crowd! is the new kid on the block in Belgium and Ulule is their supporting partner. This still means the fee mentioned above is only applicable for Hello crowd!.

The campaigns:

We want everyone in the world to be able to test and share their knowledge! And QuizWitz is the project with which we can achieve this goal. Each and every supporter becomes an ambassador, just until November 7! Let’s create a global community together!

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Update: 2 weeks left to back QuizWitz!

We had a blast! Last Tuesday, we organized our first QuizWitz @ Backstay event. We had a full house and everyone enjoyed themselves a lot! It’s a live quiz event for which we adapted our QuizWitz technology so it can be played in teams of 4 players. Each team plays with 1 device as their controller. After the host reads out the long question out loud, the short version is shown on a main screen and the timer starts running. Good luck!

You can find the photos on our Facebook page!

We received great feedback and have already announced our next events. They will be held in Ghent: QuizWitz @ Backstay and in Antwerp: QuizWitz @ Via Via Reiscafé!

You’ll have to register your team upfront and bring at least one device. Time to start training your brain beforehand on! Don’t forget about our crowdfunding campaign if you wish to help the QuizWitz developers out at!

Any thoughts or comments? Be sure to leave them in the whiskers box below, or on Facebook or Twitter!


The community grows!

Dear lab catz

There’s already 51 of us, which means we’re becoming a community! Even more reasons to reach out to friends and invite them. The more the merrier!

  • Current status: 31% with 51 backers
  • To collect: 69%

Last weekend, over 300 people played QuizWitz at GameForce, which is a fun games-oriënted convention in Antwerp! We took a lot of pictures and some great people even pledged right then and there. Incredible!

Later this week, Digitally Downloaded published an article about the Belgian games industry and QuizWitz was in there too! Be sure to read it!

Today, Friday, was another big day for Ken. He presented QuizWitz and its story to high school kids from the sixth year! It was a different experience, making him miss school just for a second there. Thank you IMinds for the opportunity!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, as news about one of our next events will come soon!


12% in under 24 hours!

Dear lab cats

We’re not talking about the loading time of our game, but about our crowdfunding campaingn! So far so good, and a big thank you to everyone who visited us at our launch event yesterday evening!

Crowdfunding and rewards

The past few weeks, we have been working hard on our campaign. From writing the texts to preparing the rewards and filming our little video. Our first time before a camera was a little bit stressful, but we’re very happy with the result!

We started this campaign because now that we’re in beta, we want to continue developing our game. That means getting rid of bugs, adding new features and game round types, and translating to different languages. In our minds, everyone should be able to play our game and enjoy it equally!

You can join the development here:

For the rewards, we tried to add even more quiz fun! We’ve added account codes for the game and Steam keys, but also a pack of QuizWitz playing cards and tickets to a huge live event we’re going to organize in March 2016! This event will bring party games and the classical way of quizzing in a team together. We’ll add a host, spotlights and prices!

The event

This event was not unlike the feedback evening we organized in the summer. We got together, opened a bottle of wine and played some QuizWitz rounds. This time around, we had 18 visitors! Thanks to the dedication of these people, we’re already at 12% and rising quickly! So join us quickly to get your hands on the early birds rewards!