QuizWitz Dev: LoL quiz demo!

Dear lab cats!

As development progresses, we start testing and trying our own party game platform. QuizWitz is starting to take shape and our intern Melissa liked the idea of a League of Legends quiz. She wanted to go out with a bang!

The League of Legends quiz

About a week ago, Melissa came to the office with an idea. She was making a League of Legends quiz pack to test the QuizWitz creation tools. To do this, she created three rounds, each with a different difficulty level. Then she simply added those to a pack, which is basically just a collection of rounds. She’s leaving us today, so it’s the perfect moment to post her quiz!

Click on these linked words to test your League of Legends knowledge!

Melissa has been creating illustrations for QuizWitz and made the buttons we gave away at Made In Asia! People really seemed to like them!

New Update

The new search

To collect rounds, you’ll be able to search using the ‘Collect’ page. Right now, we do have a first version, but if you’re going to browse through heaps of rounds, you’ll want a dynamic system. We think this new header will help to find your favorite rounds, packs and quizzes! Here’s a new idea for our ‘Collect’ page.

Social search

Let us know what you think in the whiskers box below, or leave us a post on our Facebook or Twitter account!

CatLab changes its course!

Dear lab cats

We’ve been working on something special in secret… It will change how people think about love and their relationships. How will we manage that, you ask? By dropping our game development endeavor and starting to work on a dating site for cats!


We’ve always loved cats and we believe that every cat deserves to be loved by another. That’s why we started working on CatCupid.com, a dating site for your beloved cat friend. Just ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ the various competitors for your pet’s paw to find the perfect match! Visit the site here: catcupid.com


Our happy customers are real brand ambassadors and gave their honest opinion about our new network. They said, and I quote: “That’s when I found CatCupid.com. A wife was the perfect medicine for (my cat’s) pathetic apathy! Now they both just sit there, doing nothing. At least he’s not pathetic anymore.”

Truly a great step in the right direction for our studio! Please let us know if you like our new endeavors, and share, like and stuff like that too!

View our project here, it’s available since April 1, 2015.


UPDATE: Of course CatCupid.com was an April Fools’ day joke!

QuizWitz Dev: How to play

Dear Lab Cats

Browser-based games are mostly straight-forward, but when you’re playing a party game, things become more difficult. As you play with one joint big screen and your own smartphones as remotes, there’s a few steps required to connect everything together. We will now explain all this in a few steps, or you can dive right in at QuizWitz.com!.

The first step is the start of course. You click ‘play’ and decide whether you want to play against friends, or on your own. The single player mode will be upgraded in the future!

How to play QuizWitz

The next few steps are there to connect your phone to the party game itself. enter the link in your browser and then enter the code on the main screen. Afterwards you just press ‘Join’ and wait for everyone to join. When you next press start, the game will start!

How to play QuizWitz

It’s as easy as that! See the full image below.

Now start playing QuizWitz at QuizWitz.com and let us know what you think in the whiskers box below, or leave us a post on our Facebook or Twitter account!

And remember; don’t forget to hug the cat!

QuizWitz dev: browsers & the world

Dear lab cats

How are y’all purring? We’ve been quiet for a little while, but there’s only good news! Development is going great and we had a blast at Made In Asia 2015! Here’s what’s happening.

QuizWitz and the world

Here’s a little visualization of the platform and the party game together! People (cats in this case) play the game together with friends through their online profile. Their profile registers their performance and the player rises in the rankings, while their expertise in the played categories grows.

Cartoon Movie & Made In Asia

The past few weeks we’ve been working our fur off! First, I went to the Cartoon Games and Cartoon Movie event in Lyon! It was a huge networking event where about 750 people were watching pitches, having meetings and some French wine. It was all very intimidating at first but I had a blast and made lots of new buddies.

Last weekend we were at Made In Asia in Brussels, a massive convention for geeks. It required a lot of preparation, but it was all worth it. Lots of people came to play the game and answered questions about Asia all weekend long! You can play them here, but I must warn you: the quiz is tough, but you can’t learn from a correct answer, can you?

The Browser Challenge

Even though most people love to play a quiz, the difficulty is to anticipate how players will use our platform. There’s a lot of variables we have to take into account. Right now we’re focused on making the remote views work on every device, which is a tough job. Everyone uses a different browser on a different device, all while being connected to another network.

Of course, every beginning is hard and we feel we can use any help we can get. If you have any doubts or insights you’d like to share with us, leave them in the whiskers box below, or find us on Facebook!

QuizWitz Dev: From Question to Quiz

Dear Lab Cats!

Another week has passed and we have some more information for you. As we’re creating a new platform, we have to think about how to approach collecting and organizing questions. It’s a real challenge to make everything straight forward and neat!

Question organization

We know people want to collect as many high quality questions as possible. That’s why we decided to allow people to create them in Rounds of at least 15 questions. These Rounds can be collected in the Library after which they will be added to a user’s personal archive. From there you’ll be able to play them or add them to a Pack.

Packs are collections of Rounds to prepare for the party at hand, or test your friends’ knowledge about a certain topic in different Rounds.

Quizzes are a whole other story. They’re collections of packs, but customizable ones. They can also be embedded into 3rd party websites, which makes them more practical for use outside of QuizWitz. Of course they’ll still be played in the party game environment.

Some technical developments

Thijs and Rui, our programmers, have been working hard on our management platform. We went for an extendable REST API design with a HTML5 frontend. Maybe a bit technical, but it basically means that we will be able to port your data to multiple devices and environments, and perhaps even open up our platform to external developers one day.

We’re aiming to make QuizWitz as cross-platform and as user-friendly as we possibly can. People have to enjoy the time they spend on our platform just as much as playing the party game.

What do you think of our approach? Feel free to share your thoughts and like us on Facebook. And don’t forget to love the cat!